Joining Rangers

Sport Target Shooting is a fun, challenging sport, and safety is of primary concern.

Joining the sport is currently a lengthy process.

Due to Firearms Registry (FAR) turn-around times, getting your Probationary Pistol Licence (PPL) can take between 22-28 weeks.

There are some steps you will need to follow.

  1. Review the FAR Website FACT Sheets

  2. Source two character references - or if you move clubs a reference from your previous club)

  3. Join a club like Rangers and undergo safe handling training

  4. Submit a Probationary Pistol Licence via ServiceNSW (You will need a membership confirmation and copy of safe handling)

  5. Wait for response and photo ID paperwork
    Applications with FAR can take as long as 14-16 weeks

  6. Get your photo taken at Services NSW
    It can take 2 weeks to get your licence back.

  7. Attend competition shoots to meet licence requirements

Membership Fees

Annual Fee  $380

The Club annual fee covers SISC Range access on competition days, as well as NSWAPA membership.

Insurance is also covered as part of these fees.

Membership is for the calendar year. New members will be charged for the remainder of the current calendar year

​Joining Fees $285

New members will receive a club shirt, training, and access to club firearms and ammunition during their probationary period.

New members without a Category H licence will also need to undertake Safe Handling and and introductory course which will be organised by the club when you join, and before you will be allowed to handle firearms.

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